Gollum To Join Rise Of The Apes

June 30, 2010 by  
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serkis210Andy Serkis is no stranger to prancing about in a big blue body suit with four dozen electrodes strapped to it as he played tricksy Gollum in the Lord Of The Rings. He’s also got previous experience as a gigantic simian as King Kong and with WETA digital providing the motion capture for Rise Of The Apes it’s probably no surprise that he’s landed a role as the lead ape, Caesar.

He’ll be stepping into Roddy McDowell’s slighty furry shoes as the leader of a band of intelligent apes that arise from a lab after a few experiments into a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease go rather wrong (bet they didn’t see that one coming).

If other films in the series are going to be touched on he’ll presumably be leading a revolution which will make all of us hairless monkey-types pay for our crimes against ape-kind.

He joins a cast which already includes James Franco, John Lithgow and Slumdog Millionaire‘s own Freida Pinto. Shooting begins in British Columbia soon for a June 2011 release.

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