San Diego Comic Con 2010 Round-up

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sdcclogo210x300Well, we may not have been there but that’s not going to stop us from bringing you as many juicy titbits of information from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con as we can! Fans who attended the convention were treated to all kinds of goodies: exclusive footage from upcoming films and TV shows, meet and greets with the stars, panel talks and getting to see all the props and merch that the studios were pimping out.

The exclusive videos – also known as a sizzle reels – were just for the convention goers but now some of them are available online so we waited until we had something good to show you. Not every video is currently available but as soon as we get it, you’ll get it. There are a tonne of panels at the SDCC so we’ve cherrypicked the best to bring you our SDCC 2010 roundup, who knows, maybe next year we’ll actually be there..


megamind1DreamWorks Animation’s next big thing is Megamind which follows a supervillain who accidentally kills off his nemesis, the heroic Metro Man.

Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are providing the vocal talent and it looks like Will got a little too excited to be at Comic Con and donned a very spiffy Megamind costume.

Tina and Jonah joined him on stage and ribbed him for dressing up as he lamented his decision, ‘”I feel a little bit like a turd up here.”‘

Aside from the cast’s comedy stylings, the audience were treated to some tasty 3D footage that you can check out right now, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.


thor1Marvel heroes were out in force this year and one of the biggest came in the shape of Thor. With the exception of Anthony Hopkins, the whole cast turned out for the panel including Chris Hemsworth, Clark Gregg, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings and director Kenneth Brannagh.

Audience members were treated to the following clip in 3D where they could fully appreciate the bulging biceps Chris Hemsworth was rocking. There’s been some copyright issues surrounding the video, ours has been taken down but you watch it if you click right here.


Director Joe Johnston hit the con with the rest of the cast to talk about Captain America and to screen a sizzle reel that contained costume test shoots and a 1940s style voiceover. The film takes place in the 40s, giving the character a relatively faithful origins story and the villain of the piece will be the Red Skull played by Hugo Weaving. The footage isn’t available yet but here’s the film’s official banner and first concept poster.


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Len Wiseman To Direct Total Recall Remake?

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wisemanreal300Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard, Underworld) is set to direct Columbia Pictures’ Total Recall. Kurt Wimmer, who has written Equilibrium and Salt, will pen the screenplay. The film will be a new, contemporary adaptation of Total Recall.

Total Recall originally starred the Mayor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and was based on Philip K. Dick’s We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.

“I’ve always been fascinated with Philip K Dick’s short story, and I’m excited at that prospect of diving even deeper into the type of world it evokes and the questions it asks. I love that the most crucial mystery our character is trying to solve is one of his own soul,” said Wiseman.

Producer Neal H. Moritz is delighted to finally work with Wiseman: “Len is terrifically talented and we know he is the right director to re-imagine Total Recall for a new generation of fans.”

Beautiful Kate Review: More Plain Jane..

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beautiful kate300BEAUTIFUL KATE (15): On Special Release Friday 30th July

Ned Kendall (Ben Mendelsohn), a middle-aged failed author, returns to his birthplace to say farewell to his terminally ill cantankerous father who has only a matter of weeks left to live. Located in the remote Australian outback with little else to do, Ned wiles away the time engaging in dispassionate love-making with his borderline adolescent girlfriend Toni and experiencing vivid hallucinations harking back to his incestuous relationship with twin sister Kate (Sophie Lowe) who subsequently died in uncertain circumstances. Confronted with his former life, Ned soon discovers that it’s not so easy to abandon who you once were or to escape the consequences of decisions you unwisely made. Read more

Oliver Stone & Tariq Ali Interview

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stoneali300If you mention the name Oliver Stone you’re likely to hear one of the following in response: JFK or Nixon. Over the years the director has built up a reputation for being an intensely political filmmaker although his last presedential biopic W. did not garner the same gushing platitudes awarded to his work based on the aformentioned giants of the international stage. The veteran director has since turned his attention to the south, devouting countless hours to interviewing leaders from all over South America from the Kirchners of Argentina to the Bolivian president Juan Evo Morales. He also took time to film Fidel Castro at length (not wanting to leave America’s fondest enemy feeling left out) and is due to release another documentary based on the Cuban leader later in the year.

Oliver Stone’s newest documentary South of the Border has already attracted swathes of criticism with the director accused of treating his subjects with too soft a touch. Stone has never been a director who appreciates grey areas – he prefers to forego that in favour of blanket statements and bold announcements that, more often than not, agitate just as much as they inspire argument. Stone and Tariq Ali (author of The Obama Syndrome amongst other works) met with journalists at Freud Communications to discuss South Of The Border as well as future projects including a ten hour secret history of the United States that had tongues wagging and inspired fevered anticipation.

How did you become involved in the movie?

TA: Oliver rang me up when he was filming in Paraguay to discuss a much more interesting project: a ten hour secret history of America for HBO. After we discussed this idea a few months later he showed me the rough cut of this film and it was a bit messy. It got bogged down in the wrong terrain – namely the US media which is a hornet’s nest at the best of time – so we redid the structure and redid the script and it turned into what it is now which is a political road movie.

Why did you choose this project?

OS: I was speaking to Hugo Chavez for this documentary and he told me to go and speak to the leaders of South American countries and see for myself what it is happening. Real reform is taking place. There are very powerful forces to contend with; the church, the military and US intervention – they’re all obstacles to reform but they’re beginning to be challenged and dealt with.

Your films deal with the subjects of power and how people use power… Does power fascinate you?

OS: I’m a dramatist, I like the big picture. I think the big picture is what matters with the Chavez story because all the nitpicking that takes place in the Western media is just that – nitpicking. It’s a very Western mindset. It’s picking things apart in order to find a tiny flaw so that you can say the whole is off. The NY Times did that when they reviewed this movie. The events taking place in South America and the changes that have already taken place are incredible.

TA: The changes we’ve already see in these countries are quite staggering. There are politicians who make promises to the poor and carry them through. There’s a link between the social movements and the politicians and the two compliment each other, they need one another. Politicians have to implement the changes they’ve promised and proposed.

Where do Americans go for a more balanced view?

OS: To the madhouse! To the lithium, to more drugs! I don’t know where they should go.

TA: I’d tell them to watch BBC World.

Which of the countries you visited do you think will maintain a solid base and which are likely to slip back into chaos?

OS: When I showed this film in Bolivia a couple of weeks ago it was met by cheering crowds. Meanwhile Hilary Clinton was next door in Ecuador trying to drive a wedge between them and Venezuala. The State Department are the same people who have always been in this region. Obama is Bush light. We’ll see what happens in two years from now.

You say Chavez has been unfairly represented in the media. Do you think the same of Ahmadinejad and would you consider basing a project around him as has been hinted at?

OS: I don’t know. That’s a hot potato for me. Obviously he’s had some bad press…

TA: They’re very different politicians. Ahmadinejad is a deeply religious person who is the head of a country that is still being lead by clerics. Then there were the deaths at the student demonstrations which were totally unacceptable. He’s not a leader like the [South American] leaders.

But he’s supported by Chavez…

TA: They have a shared common interest, that of oil. Iran has huge reserves of oil that Chavez needs. Chavez has decided to deal with him differently and not demonise Iran. He’s refused to which is exactly what he should do. That doesn’t make them the same type of leader.


The US Presidents you’ve so far made films about have had careers either embroiled by scandal or have been associated with momentous events in American history. Can you see yourself making a film about Obama?

OS: At the moment, no – but never say never. Read more

Del Toro’s Mountains Of Madness Gets Go-Ahead

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deltoro300Since stepping down as director of The Hobbit, speculation has been rife regarding Guillermo del Toro’s next project. Deadline have now confirmed that Universal will fund del Toro’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. It will be del Toro’s first film shot in 3D and the Godfather of the third dimension, James Cameron, is set to produce the project.

Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness is a horror novella that tells the story of an Antarctic expedition’s haunting discoveries and their encounter with an unspeakable menace in the ruins of a lost civilization.

The Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth director recently spoke about the project: “What Mountains of Madness is is a throwback to something nobody does anymore, it’s tentpole horror,” he told

Del Toro has described Mountains of Madness as a ‘dream’ he’s been pursuing for thirteen years, but the cost of the project, coupled with its R-rated horror, has (until now) prevented it from finding necessary backing.

“There are two things I’ve been battling all these years: period and R-rated, and a very tough ending, so the studio is very scared of period obviously, he’s very scared of the budget and an R-rating, and the first conversation I always have is, ‘Does it have to be R?’ and I go, ‘Yes.’ ‘Does it have to be period? Does it have to be Antarctica? ‘Yes.’” Mountains of Madness could begin pre-production within the next few months.

Ledgendary Swordsman to Play Ledgendary Swordsman

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Although Russell Brand claims his womanising days are behind him, his next big screen project could see him unsheathing his sword once more. The rakish comedian is being lined up to portray John Hawkwood – a real-life swashbuckling mercenary from Renaissance Times, in the comedy Hawkwood.

Brand presented the concept to Fox’ Head of Comedy Nicky Weinstock with the idea of the title role being played by himself. It is believed that the tale is one that Brand is particularly interested in due to the reputation of John Hawkwood, a talented blade-swinger with loose morals and a mercenary attitude, undoubtedly a character befitting of Brand’s comic persona.

The project, still in development at 20th Century Fox, will meld action with Russell’s distinctive brand of comedy and is being tailored to suit the comic’s style. Jared Stern, with whom brand is currently working with on the remake of Arthur, is to write the screenplay.

Brand’s sucessful start in movies looks set to continue with roles in Julie Taymor’s new version of The Tempest and the Hop, the new film from the producers of box office smash Despicable Me, in which he provides the voice of the Easter Bunny.

A-Team Star Condemns Decision To Close UK Film Council

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Oscar-winning actor Liam Neeson has spoken out against the coalition government’s decision to axe the UK Film Council.

Speaking at the UK launch of The A-Team (in which Neeson plays Col. Hannibal Smith), the Irish star described the decision as “deplorable”.

“We have to do something about it because need movies. It’s a powerful industry that provides a credible entertainment for millions of people and I think it’s wrong, I just think it is wrong for the government to do this” said Neeson.

“I know we need to tighten our belts but not with our movie council. They can’t, we need it. It is a lifeblood for any culture.”

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced on Monday that the Council is to be abolished as part of a cost-cutting drive by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

The UK Film Council gave funding to Breakfast On Pluto and The Other Man, both of which starred Neeson.

Zhang Ziyi To Star As Mulan

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zhang-ziyi300Kung-fu hard-ass and serial martial arts film actress Zhang Ziyi has reportedly signed up to play the part of Mulan in an upcoming live-action adaptation of the ancient Chinese legend.

Ziyi – who will also produce the film – has been leading the drive to secure funding for the project and is said to have personally approached bosses at Disney who have agreed to invest $100 million in the film according to

The actress who has previously appeared in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers and about a million other films involving some sort of karate, will be playing the part of a brave female warrior who disguises herself as a man to help defend China from invading barbarians.

Chuck Russell (The Mask) has signed up to direct the English-language movie which will follow Disney’s 1998 animated version.

‘Lost’ Writer Working On Alien Prequel Script

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damonlindelof210x300We’re not usually the ones to praise a prequel but the forthcoming one for the Alien series has us pleased as punch. OK, The Thing prequel also has us pretty excited too but that’s it.

The Alien movie has won us over because it’s telling the story of the mysterious Space Jockey, also known as the dead guy who had his chest blown out from the inside. Granted, The Thing prequel has a similar premise but that just goes to show how good 70s scifi was – always leaving us wanting more.

Anyhow, today’s news is that Damon Lindelof, writer of Lost, Cowboys and Aliens and the next Star Trek movie, has been hired to rewrite the script. Deadline Hollywood are reporting that Lindelof has signed a deal that would see him working with Ridley Scott to firm up the script, something that may tempt Scott into directing the film.

Fans are champing at the bit to see Scott back in the driving seat and bringing the series back to it’s roots and apparently the meeting between him and Lindelof has sparked some interesting ideas. Lindelof has certainly proved that his writing is up to snuff and his geek credibility is on the up but writing an Alien movie is no walk in the park, right Joss Whedon?

Down Terrace Review: House Of Blues

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downterrace300DOWN TERRACE (15): On Special Release Friday 30th July

Do my eyes deceive me? A British gangster film that does not star Danny Dyer? Surely not…

Fresh from being acquitted in court, father and son Bill (Robert Hill) and Karl (Robin Hill) return to their terraced home in Brighton fixated on discovering who grassed them up to the Old Bill. The small-time dope-dealers have plenty of candidates, and ‘big boned’ Garvey (Tony Way) is their prime suspect.

Karl also has to deal with the unexpected arrival of former flame Valda (Kerry Peacock) who is pregnant with his child…at least he thinks it’s his child. Down Terrace is a film that flirts with both gritty and intense kitchen sink drama and dark, violent humour. It is laugh-out-loud funny in places, shocking and disturbing in others. Read more

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