Mad Max Reboot Will Wait For 3D Developments

July 8, 2010 by  
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Georgemiller210x300Though we weren’t aching for another Mad Max movie, the idea of another dystopian adventure began to grow on us. Unfortunately, just as we were getting used to the idea, we heard that we’re going to be kept waiting around while the director fannies about with 3D cameras.

George Miller, the man behind the reboot, wants to make Mad Max: Fury Road in 3D but isn’t satisfied with the current conversion process nor the available cameras and rigs. The production will be shooting in the desert and recent conversions have shown that the process makes the image darker than originally intended, which wouldn’t do much for a bright yellow desert setting.

According to The Australian, shooting has been delayed until February 2011 and Inside Film are reporting that Miller will be designing his own cameras in order to get the look he wants. If this is true then we wouldn’t be surprised if shooting is pushed even further back – designing new cameras and rigs ain’t easy, Miller! What with the whole rigamarole of pre-production, shooting then post-production including the special effect work, we’d be surprised if this didn’t turn up in the summer 2012 slot.

Miller has said of 3D that, “Seven years ago we were going to shoot in 3D but the technology in cinemas wasn’t geared for it then but I always loved 3D or stereo.”

We’re glad he’s following in James Cameron’s footsteps and waiting until it’s right because thanks to Clash of the Titans, we now know the difference between good and bad 3D and we salute the effort to improve it.

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