Polanski Free To Leave Switzerland

July 12, 2010 by  
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Polanski300Roman Polanski will be relieved to hear that he no longer faces a threat of extradition after the Swiss authorities declared that he is now free to leave the country without fear of arrest. The infamous film director, whose life has been marred by personal tragedy and dubious moral transgressions (namely having sex with a 13 year old girl), had been living under house arrest since being arrested a year ago when he tried to leave Switzerland. He was detained after requests from the US prompted officials to jail him for two months. He had remained in his home in Gstaad ever since awaiting a verdict.

The Swiss authorities maintain that the decision to free the Polish director is not indicative of his being guilty or not guilty but actually owes to a bureaucratic error on behalf of the Americans. As a result Polanski can now travel to France where a policy is in place to prevent their citizens from undergoing extradition. Until recently it had been presumed by many that he would eventually face the US courts in a bid to clear his name but that now looks unlikely.

The director has been living a strange life ever since the initial scandal broke, being vilified and celebrated in equal measure by his contemporaries, many of whom consider him a genius in need of an outlet despite the nature of the accusation made against him (which are undeniably true). Others see him as a paedophile with a panache for directing. Polanski has yet to formally comment.

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