Amanda Seyfried For I’m.mortal

July 13, 2010 by  
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Amanda210Director Andrew Niccol is probably spending way too much time in chat rooms as his next film will have the rather unappealing title of I’m.mortal. This hasn’t deterred Amanda Seyfried as she’s being lined up for one of the lead roles.

The plot will feature a world in which aging is halted at 25 (which should mean that the remaining cast will be all sparkly and Hollywood friendly). But of course there’s a twist – while the rich live forever, everyone else has to age like a sucker, prompting a two tier society which is ripe for rebellion.

One of these rebels finds himself on the run oafter he’s accused of murdering a rich man for his time and soon finds himself on the run with a beautiful hostage in tow (Seyfried naturally). The two slowly fall for each other as they realise that love is more powerful than blah blah blah… Is Amanda Seyfried capable of being in a film that doesn’t involve romantic schmaltz so thickly applied that you don’t feel the urge to hurl every 30 seconds?

Andrew Niccol penned The Truman Show as well as Gattaca and S1m0ne (no stranger to dodgy text speak then), so expect it to be a little bit deeper than your average clash of worlds romance. Filming begins later this year.

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