Zac Efron – The New Leo?

July 13, 2010 by  
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Zac210There was a point a few months ago where you couldn’t even go near a cinema without seeing Zac Efron’s grinning mug. He was in seemingly everything and everywhere he went there were the pubescent teenage screams of his adoring fans.

But now it seems that he’s more than just a pretty boy as he’s signed up to produce a new as yet untitled workplace comedy by the same writer as 17 Again.

No details as yet, but it seems that Mr. Ubiquity has been lining up a lot of work after a few months of comparitive downtime. He’ll have the starring role in the adaptation of Charlie St. Cloud but after that, there’s a slew of film that his production company (Ninjas Running Wild) is working on.

These include The Art Of Steal, based on an article in Wired Magazine about a master thief; Einstein Theory, a time travel story; Fire, about a student recruited to be in a CIA training programme; and Snabba Cash, a remake of a Swedish Thriller about young man who becomes a cocaine dealer.

Crucially, these roles seem to mark a change of direction for Efron, out of his family friendly image into roles which might actually have a little bit of punch – he’s at a stage that a young Leonardo Di Caprio found himself. Could he be one of Hollywood’s future big hitters?

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