Cruise To Return in Mission Impossible IV

July 15, 2010 by  
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cruise300Tom Cruise will return as Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible IV. Placenta eater Cruise will once again portray the secret agent who works for the ludicrously named IMF (not the International Monetary Fund, but the Impossible Missions Force!) The pint-sized star was on board to produce the next instalment (along with JJ Abrams), but Paramount have now announced that Cruise will star in the movie too.

“We are absolutely excited about having Tom Cruise star in this movie,” revealed vice chairman Rob Moore to The Hollywood Reporter. But Paramount will monitor the performance (outside of the US) of Cruise’s latest film, Knight and Day, also starring Cameron Diaz, to see whether the Jerry Maguire star is still popular with foreign audiences.

Cruise could yet be recast if Knight and Day fails to perform well. Mission Impossible IV still doesn’t have a director attached, though Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer and Shaun of the Dead’s Edgar Wright have been muted as potential suitors.

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