Pixar’s Cars Gets Spinoff

July 15, 2010 by  
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cars300x210Although it wasn’t Pixar’s biggest money-spinner, Cars is getting a sequel of it’s very own. And not just that, it’s getting it’s own bloody spin-off!

Honestly, Cars isn’t the movie we’d base a franchise around but we trust the judgement of Pixar, after all, they did just give us a big present in the shape of Toy Story 3.

The spin-off will be based on more anthropomorphised vehicles called Planes and, according to Movie Line, will be a direct-to-DVD release. Looks like Pixar are taking a leaf out of Disney’s book with a DVD sequel but is this really the best use of Pixar’s talents? It takes a ruddy long time to make an animated film and instead of focusing on projects Monster’s Inc 2, they’re working on pointless side projects?

After the cancellation of Newt, a project that had been in pre-production for two years, we were more than a little disappointed and now we hear that they’re focusing on money making DVDs? Not impressed. But according to the Playlist, Pixar have recently opened up a campus in Canada where they will be specializing in projects like these.

OK, so maybe split duties between the two branches might accomodate both features and DVD fodder but we just have to wait and see.

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