Brett Ratner In Talks For Hercules

July 16, 2010 by  
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ratner300Swords and sandals epics have been doing rather well at the box office (if not so well with the critics) this year, so it isn’t too surprising to hear that there is possibly a Hercules movie in the pipeline.

Brett Ratner was of course once reported to be directing the new Conan project, but now it seems likely that Avi Lerner and his Millennium/Nu Image company will offer him the chance to tell the story of a slightly different swollen-biceped warrior.

There is very little set in concrete at this stage but The LA Times has reported that Ratner (whose previous credits include X-Men: Last Stand and Rush Hour) is in talks to take on the film which Lerner has been working on for three years.

Hercules is famous for being the son of Zues and mortal Alcene He’s probably best known for the Labours of Hercules, a series of 12 tasks imposed as he sought atonement from the Oracle at Delphi after murdering his children in a blind rage. The chances of Hollywood bigging up that part of his backstory seem slim however.

Hercules has been the subject of a number of foreign films, and Disney made an animated movie in the 1990s, but the character hasn’t had a live-action American treatment since the mid-1980s, when Lou Ferrigno played him.

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