Paul The World Cup Octopus Gets Own Movie

July 26, 2010 by  
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Paul-the-octopus300You know it’s a pretty average World Cup when the most colourful character is an eight-limbed cephlapod with the foresight of Nostrodamus and an expertise in football which dwarfs that off the whole ITV punditry team. The second of these characteristics is not that impressive in itself – we are confident that most ocean-dwelling molluscs have it.

But if you thought that Paul the Octopus – who predicted Spain’s romp to victory in this summer’s footy fest – was famous now, then just wait until the movie hits screens around the world.

After successfully predicting the outcome of eight games and famously foretelling the demise of the turgidly efficient Germans, Paul was subjected to death threats from some German fans and will now be the focus of a film titled The Murder of Paul the Octopus.

The China Film Group Corporation and Beijing Filmblog Media Company co-production recently wrapped shooting in South Africa using a double for Paul and the film could be released as early as next month. The project is said to be about “how the octopus acquires the ability” and his “possible fates” says Digital Spy.

Unfortunately for gamblers around the country, Paul ‘retired’ from predicting the results of footy matches this month…

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