Ledgendary Swordsman to Play Ledgendary Swordsman

July 29, 2010 by  
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Although Russell Brand claims his womanising days are behind him, his next big screen project could see him unsheathing his sword once more. The rakish comedian is being lined up to portray John Hawkwood – a real-life swashbuckling mercenary from Renaissance Times, in the comedy Hawkwood.

Brand presented the concept to Fox’ Head of Comedy Nicky Weinstock with the idea of the title role being played by himself. It is believed that the tale is one that Brand is particularly interested in due to the reputation of John Hawkwood, a talented blade-swinger with loose morals and a mercenary attitude, undoubtedly a character befitting of Brand’s comic persona.

The project, still in development at 20th Century Fox, will meld action with Russell’s distinctive brand of comedy and is being tailored to suit the comic’s style. Jared Stern, with whom brand is currently working with on the remake of Arthur, is to write the screenplay.

Brand’s sucessful start in movies looks set to continue with roles in Julie Taymor’s new version of The Tempest and the Hop, the new film from the producers of box office smash Despicable Me, in which he provides the voice of the Easter Bunny.

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