‘Lost’ Writer Working On Alien Prequel Script

July 29, 2010 by  
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damonlindelof210x300We’re not usually the ones to praise a prequel but the forthcoming one for the Alien series has us pleased as punch. OK, The Thing prequel also has us pretty excited too but that’s it.

The Alien movie has won us over because it’s telling the story of the mysterious Space Jockey, also known as the dead guy who had his chest blown out from the inside. Granted, The Thing prequel has a similar premise but that just goes to show how good 70s scifi was – always leaving us wanting more.

Anyhow, today’s news is that Damon Lindelof, writer of Lost, Cowboys and Aliens and the next Star Trek movie, has been hired to rewrite the script. Deadline Hollywood are reporting that Lindelof has signed a deal that would see him working with Ridley Scott to firm up the script, something that may tempt Scott into directing the film.

Fans are champing at the bit to see Scott back in the driving seat and bringing the series back to it’s roots and apparently the meeting between him and Lindelof has sparked some interesting ideas. Lindelof has certainly proved that his writing is up to snuff and his geek credibility is on the up but writing an Alien movie is no walk in the park, right Joss Whedon?

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