Twilight Breaking Dawn Delayed

August 4, 2010 by  
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twilight210Bad news for fans of sparkly, broody emo teenagers vampires everywhere as the final film in the Twilight series has been delayed.

Summit Entertainment know a cash cow when they see one and have been busy rubbing their greasy palms together for the last few years as the Twlight franchise rakes in more money the average GDP of most developing nations.

But now it seems that director Bill Condon has knocked over the milking stool. While Breaking Dawn Part One will still run to its scheduled release date of November 18 2011, Part Two will be released almost of whole year later on November 16 2012.

It makes sense – the rate at which Twilight movies are made and released must be taking the toll on its cast (all that white make up must take days to apply) and if the most is to be wrung out of Stephanie Myer’s books and Melissa Rosenberg’s screenplay, then more measured approach will be useful.

So, Twihards out there now have a date to carve indellibly into their diaries and the rest of us have a date when posters will be free of R-Patz’s broody face. Celebrations all round either way.

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