Dimension Plan American Werewolf Remake

August 5, 2010 by  
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Werewolf300The unthinkable is set to happen. Yet another classic horror movie is set for a remake – this time it’s An American Werewolf In London’s turn to get ruined in the footsteps of Nightmare On Elm Street and The Wicker Man. It would seem studios consider audiences incapable of enjoying a movie that was made pre 2000. It gets even worse for fans of the original – it’s due to be scripted by the sub-mental Fernley Philips whose previous credits include the Jim Carrey vehicle The Number 23.

As with all remakes the studios promise that the story will be brought ‘up to date’ and given a ‘modern day spin’ despite the fact that it’s normally completely unnecessary. In fact, studios could save millions simply by repackaging a movie and giving it a good marketing campaign. The head honchos at Dimension films obviously think differently…

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