Tony Scott To Direct Nemesis

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nemesis300Mark Millar has revealed that 20th Century Fox have acquired the film rights to his (and artist Steve McNiven’s) graphic novel Nemesis, with Tony Scott (Top Gun, Enemy of the State) attached to direct the movie and Scott Free producing.

Millar has seen a host of his graphic novels adapted for the big screen in recent years, most notably Wanted (which starred Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy) and Kick-Ass (starring Aaron Johnson). Miller announced on his official site:

“The man who shot maverick in Top Gun, Bruce in the Last Boy Scout, yelled action for Will Smith in Enemy of the State, directed Denzel in Man on Fire (one of the finest revenge movies ever made), had Tarantino rework Hackman’s dialogue in Crimson Tide and gave me Deneuve’s naughtiest performance in The Hunger is directing our movie. Oh, AND he did True Romance, for my money the best of all the Tarantino flicks. Tony Scott: I can’t even pretend to be cool about this.”

He added: “Tony said this was a very timely project and Fox want to get this moving as soon as possible. Next up is a script and the writer we talked about did one of my top five movies of all time. The actor he’s shooting for as the lead character is going to blow your socks off.”

Talking to Comic Book Resources, Millar described Nemesis as such: “What if this genius billionaire was just this total shit, and the only thing that stood between him and a city was the cops? It’s Batman versus Commissioner Gordon, in a weird way. Or maybe a super-villain version of Se7en. A billionaire anarchist up against ordinary people […] Nemesis is the world’s smartest man, and the bad news for us is that he’s the world’s only super-villain.”

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