Jay Baruchel Talks Jay & Seth vs. The Apocalypse

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jaybaruchel210x300As a apart of the Apatow crowd, Jay Baruchel has slowly made his mark with roles in Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder and now The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Well he’s slowly branching out and focusing on writing with the upcoming Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse.

Based on a short film that Baruchel made with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the film follows Jay and Seth as they try and survive in their apartment while the world comes to an end outside.

Baruchel recently spoke to DigitalSpy about the feature length version of the short, calling it ‘polarising’ and ‘offensive’ and that they are ‘writing it right now and I think we’ll be shooting it next year.’

The film isn’t nearing pre-production stages yet but it’s still very much on the boys’ minds and Rogen is even considering directing the project.

“I think [directing is] something he’s thinking of. There’s other people, who are pretty incredible and pretty special, out of respect I won’t mention them but there’s people that have told us that if we want them to be involved there’ll be involved. Pretty, pretty awesome people. Either way we’ll get to make the thing and either way it’ll be f**king awesome.”

When asked if we’ll get to see other survivors aside from Jay and Seth in the movie, Baruchel said, “There’s something really, really cool… there’s a star over here [in the UK] who’s probably going to be in it with us. I’ll say also the one thing I want to do, the recurring gag I want in the movie, is corpse cameos – mega-stars to be corpses.”

“I want to be running and trip over a body and go, ‘F**k, Will Smith is dead! No, they got Beckham!’ That’s my contribution! If we get to make the movie we’ve been talking about, it’ll be one of the more polarising, offensive movies of the last decade.”

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