Disney Launch Tron: Legacy iPhone App

August 17, 2010 by  
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TRON210X300After Disney’s hardcore Tron pimpage at this year’s Comic Con, it was only a matter of time before they invaded the world’s iPhones, so behold, the Tron: Legacy app.

The app will be handy for those who can’t wait for the movie’s December release date as it’ll provide all sorts of goodies such as videos and music from the film.

Here’s Disney’s official press release:

“Disney Interactive Media Group launches the TRON app (bit.ly/enterthegrid) in the UK. The app is free to download and fans can immediately play an all-new version of the classic Tanks game from the Tron Arcade, view a trailer of TRON: Legacy and receive pre-sale order information for the TRON Evolution video game from Disney Interactive Studios. The app will also update as the premiere of the TRON: Legacy film in December draws closer and include additional video, music, and free and premium games.

We are excited to provide a unique and continually evolving mobile experience that will provide fans the opportunity to dive into the world of TRON in anticipation of the film’s premiere in December,” said Stephen Saiz, director of marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. For more information and to download the TRON app, please visit: bit.ly/enterthegrid”

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