Wesley Snipes Back In Action

August 19, 2010 by  
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blade300Fans of Wesley Snipes rejoice. The star of Blade and…um…White Men Can’t Jump has finally landed a role in a movie. Still embroiled a in long-running saga regarding his conviction for tax offences, Snipes could be about to swap one crime – tax evasion – for another: crimes against film (though he should have been put away for that long ago).

Before he faces the perils of dropping a slippery bar of soap, Snipes will brave a film that has ‘straight to DVD’ written all over it. Teaming up with Joseph Lawrence (I would list some of his better known films, but he hasn’t actually made any…) to star in Havana Heat. With Sly Stallone teaming up with so many former colleagues, we were surprised not to see him employ his Demolition Man co-star in The Expendables.

The film is set in Havana (where else?) and will follow the murder of an undercover Homeland Security agent. Director Dean Hamilton, who also helmed Blonde and Blonder (starring Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards), will begin shooting in November. We can’t wait.

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