Easy A Trailer

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On the heels of a little white lie about losing her virginity, clean-cut high schooler Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) finds that her new-found bad-girl rap has an upside: she is finally getting noticed. Olive decides to exploit her “easy” reputation and use the school rumor mill to advance her social status. But life starts to spin hilariously out of control, and there is only one boy who sees through her vixen veneer to the heart of it. Starring Emma Stone, Lisa Kudrow, Patricia Clarkson, Malcolm McDowell, Thomas Hayden Church, Stanley Tucci Alyson Michalka, Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Dan Byrd, Easy A hits cinemas on 22nd October.

Takers Review: Arrested Development

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takers300TAKERS (12A): On General Release Friday 1st October

Heist movies are a dime a dozen, so anything new arriving on the scene needs to be damn good to garner anything but the most cursory of glances. Takers is unfortunately a familiar retread of the same well-worn furrows which is by no means awful but is simply derivative, unchallenging and will be forgotten by this time next year.

The crew involved in this particular criminal escapade are leader of the pack Gordon Jennings (Idris Elba), dashing pretty boy John (Paul Walker), slick hat-wearing musician AJ (Hayden Christensen), club owning Jake (Michael Ealy) and his younger brother Jesse (Chris Brown).

After pulling their latest sophisticated robbery, they’re enjoying a well-earned break. But when ex-member Ghost (T.I. Harris) is released from prison, he immediately approaches them with a job to raid an armoured car, which could potentially be their biggest haul yet. Hot on the team’s heels are dogged cop duo Welles and Hernandez (Matt Dillon and Eddie Hatcher), who have their own set of problems to worry about without a raid to foil. Read more

Made In Dagenham Review: Rage Against The Machine

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MID300MADE IN DAGENHAM (15): On General Release Friday 1st October

Set in 1968, Made in Dagenham stars Sally Hawkins as Rita O’Grady, a married mother of two who works as a machinist for Ford. After successfully rallying the female workforce and staging a walkout over Ford’s decision to classify them as “unskilled labour” despite evidence to the contrary, she eventually leads the women on a march on Whitehall to demand equal pay, which garners the support of the fiery Secretary of State, Barbara Castle (Miranda Richardson).

But strike action has its consequences and the pressure soon starts to take its toll, particularly when Ford begins to lay off its male workforce and when a high-ranking executive arrives from the States with orders to break the strike by any means necessary.
Read more

RIP Tony Curtis

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TonyCurtis210Oscar-nominated Hollywood legend Tony Curtis has died at the age of 85.

Entertainment Tonight said a representative for the actor’s daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, confirmed the death but did not provide further details.

He played a variety of roles over his 60 year career but will probably be best remembered for Some Like It Hot in which he starred opposite Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon as a musician who cross-dresses to get away from the mob and The Defiant Ones in which he starred opposite Sidney Poitier and was nominated for an Oscar.

Christopher Plummer Joins Girl With Dragon Tattoo

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plummer300Christopher Plummer has nicked off with a part that was tipped to go to Max Von Sydow in the upcoming US remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The actor will play Henrik Vanger, the man who hires journalist Mikael Blomkvist to investigate the disappearance of his great-niece.

Daniel Craig has already been cast as that journalist and shooting has begun for David Fincher’s adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s popular novel, which follows Blomkvist as he roots around in the Vanger family history, uncovering some disturbing secrets along the way.

Other characters who have names attached to play them include the private investigator Lisbeth Salander, who Rooney Mara has signed up to play and the corrupt lawyer who makes Lisbeth’s life miserable. Nils Bjurman has taken on this role.

With Robin Wright and Stellan Skarsgård already on board and the excellent Plummer now involved in the project, the cast is looking pretty much complete. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Fincher’s version is better than previous English-language remakes of great foreign films when it opens in late 2011…

The Crimes Of Friedberg And Seltzer

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vampires-suck300Jason Friedman and Aaron Seltzer have a lot to answer for. If their cinematic crimes were environmental disasters, they’d be the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez, The BP Oil Spill and Chernobyl all rolled into one.

They are at once all four of the horsemen of the silver screen apocalypse – War, Famine, Pestilence and Death.

Just in case you’ve been fortunate enough not to have heard of Friedberg and Seltzer, they’re the filmmaking reprobates who burped up Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie – films which have less depth than your average puddle and the wit and grace of a tepid bowl of tapioca pudding.

A quick glance at their Rotten Tomatoes rating reveals that they’ve never had movie rated more than 6% fresh and if you combined the ratings of all their films they would only manage to get 18% – which would still be a god awful piece of trash.

Their latest submission is Vampires Suck, which has a trailer so bad that it makes me want to hurl myself off a high building. I thought you were supposed to put the good bits in the trailer? If that’s the best they can do, I might see if making a paper hat out of my popcorn carton or stabbing myself to death in the theatre is more entertaining come the actual screening.

Worryingly Friedberg and Seltzer’s films actually do quite well at the box office – no doubt among misguided and/or stoned college students who wander in off the streets. Please, I’m begging you, don’t encourage them. Mark my words, they will be the downfall of our civilization.

We’ll have the official review for you in a couple of weeks.

Boyle To Receive LFF Fellowship

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DANNYBOYLE210X300Famed UK director Danny Boyle is to be honoured at this year’s London Film Festival for his contribution to British cinema.

Boyle’s latest film, 127 Hours, will close this year’s festival and will be the follow-up to Slumdog Millionaire which closed the festival in 2008.

His movies have varied greatly over the years in both style and content but they have clearly left a mark on British cinema. Boyle’s feature film debut came in 1994 with Shallow Grave which was followed by Trainspotting in 1996. He also dipped his toe into the horror genre with his unique take on zombies with 28 Days Later.

Though his movies always had a darker edge, they never looked more hopeful than Slumdog Millionaire which earned him the Oscar for best director.

Speaking about his feelings towards the fellowship award, Boyle said, “A significant helping of humility is called for in the face of this honour and that is not difficult considering those awarded it before.

I am shocked, flattered and delighted to receive the Fellowship on behalf of everyone who has helped me make the films, the successful ones and the not so successful ones, and on behalf of all runts in every litter.”

Boyle will receive his award on October 27 at Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke’s along with the other prize winners from the festival.

True Grit Teaser Trailer

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Finally, the long wait for a True Grit trailer is finally over. At last we can see what it is that Joel and Ethan Coen have been slaving over. Well actually, if you’ve already seen the 1969 version of the movie starring John Wayne then you already know the story.

Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) is a stubborn young woman who’s determined to see that her father’s killer is hanged for his crimes. Helping her navigate the unforgiving terrain of the Old West is U.S. Marshall Reuben J. Cogburn (Jeff Bridges).

Matt Damon also stars as LeBouef, a Texas Ranger and Jonah Hex’s Josh Brolin plays Tom Chaney, the wanted man. While the trailer doesn’t show its hand, the movie looks set to be a massive serving of Oscar bait with Jeff Bridges having won last year and Damon and Brolin both looking for a win.

You can see True Grit when it’s released on 14th January. In the meantime, check out the first teaser trailer.

Josh Brolin On The Goonies 2 ‘Script But No Sequel’

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joshbrolin210x300Jonah Hex star Josh Brolin has spoken up about the neverending rumours of a sequel to 80s classic, The Goonies.

While it looks like Brolin isn’t actively campaigning for a follow-up movie, it sounds like he’d be up for it.

Brolin told Starpulse that, “I saw Steven Spielberg on the street and I asked for the reality [of a sequel]. I hear there is a script, yes, but there’s no talk about doing a Goonies sequel at this very minute.”

Of course every journalist that Brolin comes across insists on asking him about the project and so he’s taken to having a bit of fun with them about it.

“It’s gotten so I’ve told interviewers, ‘We’re all planning the sequel and I’m meeting with Meryl Streep about it’, and the next day I’ve actually seen it reported as exclusive news.”

So according to Brolin there is a script but no sequel is actually in the works. Is it a shame or a smart move by Spielberg? It’s not like Brolin needs the movie to be made, after all, he’s starring in the upcoming Coen brothers’ movie True Grit as well as Men In Black 3. We just hope he doesn’t start to lean on his 80s success – beware Josh Brolin, that way lies Corey Feldman.

Drop a comment down below – do you want a sequel to the Goonies?

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest Trailer

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After getting ink done and playing with fire failed to attract the kind of trouble she craves, Lisbeth Salander is throwing caution to the mind and kicking the hornet’s nest in the final installment of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy.

Under police guard in hospital, Lisbeth (Sherlock Holmes 2′s newest recruit Noomi Rapace) is charged with murder and awaits the trial that has the country gripped. Cut off from all communication with the outside world, she must rely on journalist and former lover, Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) to prove her innocence and expose the political cover up that threatens to destroy her freedom. In his way stands a mysterious group who will go to any lengths to keep the shocking truth of their actions a secret.

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest is directed by Daniel Alfredson and released across the UK on 26th November.

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