Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Hits A Rock

September 1, 2010 by  
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Rock210Dwayne Johnson (we’re not supposed to call him The Rock now that he’s a serious act-tor) is reportedly being lined up for a crack at a sequel to Journey To The Centre Of The Earth entitled Mysterious Island.

Apparently New Line have been badgering him to take the role for quite sometime after Brendan Fraser pulled out and now they’re close to landing a deal.

Josh Hutcherson will be reprising his role as Sean and Johnson will play his mother’s boyfriend who gets taken along to the titular island in search of Sean’s lost grandfather. Given that the first Journey wasn’t exactly cinematic gold, it’s a mystery why they’re making a second – but hey cash beats creativity any day right?

According to Heat Vision Blog, there are still three more lead characters to cast and Cats And Dogs 2 director Brad Peyton is in the seat to direct in 3D.

It’s a disappointing choice for Johnson who showed off his potential in Tooth Fairy and a frankly can do a lot better. Pay cheque movie anyone?

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