Joaquin Phoenix Has A Big Shoe Fetish

September 10, 2010 by  
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Phoenix210Joaquin Phoenix may have been absent for two years (be honest, did you really notice?) but as the Casey Affleck documentary attests, he’s very much Still Here.

Still here and taking job offers it seems as according to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s very much involved with Steven Shainberg’s new project Big Shoe. Shainberg was the director who brought the absolutely excellent Secretary starring James Woods and Maggie Gyllenhaal – a dark comedy which explored self-harm and sadomasochism and Big Shoe look like it’s going to explore similarly off beat territory.

Phoenix would play “a foot and shoe fetishist who is also an amazing footwear designer” in a film described as “out there but cool”. Shamelessly indie perhaps?

According to rumour, Phoenix is waiting to see how I’m Still Here performs before announcing his official return to the big screen. We’ll have the verdict on that next week.

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