Sam Riley Set To Play Marlowe

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Sam Riley300Is it possible that Hollywood has an annual quota for biopics? This year we’ve already had The Runaways, Igor Stravinsky & Coco Chanel and the soon to be released Hoover – the life story of the eponymous mastermind behind the FBI. Now it has been announced that Sam Riley (last seen hanging from the rafters in Control as the troubled Ian Curtis) is set to play Christopher Marlowe, the oft talked about but notoriously enigmatic rival to Shakespeare, currently being developed under the title A Dead Man In Deptford.

It’s a strange choice for the studios considering how little is actually known about Marlowe and how much of his ‘history’ is based on pure conjecture. Indeed, the playwright best known for his works The Tragical History Of Dr. Faustus & The Massacre At Paris is such a mysterious figure that he has, over the years, been credited with a rather colourful life. The author Anthony Burgess infamously claimed that Marlowe was in fact an Elizabethan spy whose untimely death could well have been an assassination.

Screenwriter Michael Elias has taken inspiration from Burgess’ theory and cooked up a cracking story that so far has James Purefoy, Ray Winstone and Adam Sinclair attached to the project whilst Nick Copus will take to the director’s chair for only the second time. His debut feature Ice is due out some time next year.
Shooting on A Dead Man In Deptford will start shooting in the new year.

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