Bill & Ted 3 May Actually Happen

September 20, 2010 by  
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BillTed300Most heinous news dudes, it looks like Bill & Ted 3 wasn’t just a rumour and is actually moving very slowly forward.

Alex Winter who played Bill in the first two movies mentioned a few weeks ago that he, Keanu and series writer Ed Solomon were kicking about some ideas for a possible third outing for the bodacious duo but they’d only do it if the idea was right.

We took that information with a pinch of salt but MTV caught up with Keanu himself to quiz him further about the rumour. Keanu was jocular about the whole thing, suggesting numerous directors that might want to have a crack at it, including Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and even Werner Herzog (click the link for a pretty funny impression).

Winter himself hasn’t acted for years – these days he directs music videos and concentrates on animated series Ben 10, so it’ll be interested to see how he’s agesd next to Keanu. And as both actors are going to be pushing 50 when this comes out, exactly where the story’s going isn’t clear, and more importantly, how will they know what to do without Rufus now that George Carlin’s passed away? And what will this third trip through the circuits of time be called? Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Travelogue? Or as Jamie suggested in Podcast 5, Bill & Ted’s Blatantly Shit Adventure?

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