Hellraiser Casts A New Pinhead

September 21, 2010 by  
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pinhead210Dimension films have been trying to set up a remake of the iconic British horror Hellraiser for years. But as that seems to have fallen by the wayside, they’ve instead decided to cast a relative unknown in a surprise ninth (!) film in the series, Revelations.

Well, the new leader of the demon cenobites is Stephan Smith Collins, and after looking at his slaphead for a few seconds it’s easy to see a a few dozens nails sticking out of his dome.

He had a small role in The Darwin Awards with David Arquette a few years ago and a quick glance at Imdb reveals that he’s also been in…um… Come Fly With Me Nude?

Original Pinhead Doug Bradley was reported uninterested in reprising his role (and after eight outings as the villain we can see why). Revelations will star Nick Eversman and Nico Smith who play backpackers in Mexico searching for new far out experiences. They stumble across the famous Puzzlebox and Nico attempts to make a deal with devil to avoid his fate. Clearly this isn’t going to end well.

It’s being shot on an extremely tight budget and extremely speedy deadline and seems it’s only being made to stop Dimension Films’s rights to the series expiring while they work on the larger project of an actual original remake. As the last three outings for Pinhead and his Cenobite chums haven’t even made it to DVD over here, you’ll have to track it down on the interwebs if you want to see it. You don’t know what pain is…

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