Phoenix To Be Eastwood’s Hoover?

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Phoenix300Seems that being a rambling, shambling mess on camera and keeping up one of cinema’s longest hoaxes has done no harm for Joaquin Phoenix’s career as Clint Eastwood is lining him up for his next movie, Hoover.

No it’s not a movie about vaccum cleaners, Phoenix will play Clyde Tolson, the “protege” of FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover and he’s expected to be offered the role as soon as Leonardo DiCaprio signs up for the title role.

Whilst the official line is that he and Hoover’s realtionship was purely fraternal, it’s generally accepted that the two were lovers. They certainly spent a lot of time in each other’s company: working, eating and holidaying together, not to mention Tolson was the sole beneficiary of Hoover’s estate and life insurance policy.

He accepted the US flag at Hoover’s funeral, and they’re buried near each other in the Congressional Cemetery. Hoover caled Tolson his “alter ego”.

The screenplay’s being written by Dustin Lance Black who wrote Milk and the story is said to revolve very much around the Hoover/Tolson relationship. Whether that’s it remains to be seen – Hoover founded the FBI in response to gangster escalation in the 30s, so could we see a bit of organised bank robbery too a la Public Enemies?

Shooting starts soon and has been fast tracked by Warners after initially being rejected by Universal. More details as they come in, but this looks like a cracker.

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