Star Wars To Get 3D Treatment

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starwars300It’s the cinematic bandwagon of the decade and now the Star Wars franchise has jumped aboard, announcing that 3D versions of all six movies are in the works. The first movie to get the 3D treatment will be the Phantom Menace, with a provisional release date being slated for late 2012 through distributor 20th Century Fox.

The news will no doubt delight fans of the epic space opera, but we’re more concerned about whether George Lucas will make the same mistakes as other movie-makers and end up with shoddy post-production jobs (hello, Clash Of The Titans).

However, visual effects supervisor John Knoll insists that we won’t have to suffer through hours of Star Wars classics ruined by substandard 3D conversions. Speaking to Variety, he assured fans that “having seen a lot of stereo material, I have very strong opinions about what I like and don’t like about stereo. I’m going to be applying my aesthetic. It’s not going to look like [conversions] we’ve seen in the past.”

It certainly sounds promising and if they can pull it off, those claiming that 3D was just a passing fad may be proved wrong. As Fox’s Bruce Snyder put it, “I expect this to be as much fun for people that have not experienced Star Wars as it was for people who were there in 1977 staring at the screen with mouth agape.”

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