Del Toro Considering Book Adaptation

October 4, 2010 by  
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DelToro300Fans of Pan’s Labyrinth creator, Guillermo Del Toro, will be delighted to hear that the director is entertaining plans of adapting his collaborative literary effort The Strain for the screen.

The second installment of the trilogy, titled the Fall, was co-written with Prince of Thieves author Chuck Hogan and was released last week to a warm critical reception. Hogan’s Prince of Thieves was recently adapted into The Town with Ben Affleck taking the director’s chair.

Asked about their position on turning The Strain into a movie franchise or a TV show Del Toro maintained his original position that he would only contemplate adapting the book once the trilogy has been completed.

The director added: “If I made a deal, I’d be thinking about an ending that would be a cinematic climax, one that adhered to MPAA standards and practices. And the most enjoyable part of writing this with Chuck has been not having any form of self-censorship, or any cap that you have when you’re writing a script.”

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