Google The Movie? Jesus..

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Google: A fountain of knowlegde..

Google: A fountain of knowlegde..

With The Social Network getting decent reviews and making Columbia Pictures a load of cash, it looks like we could be seeing a few more website biopics in the coming years. While no studio had contacted us about OTB: The Movie yet, we are assuming it’s just a matter of time.

While we wait for that call, we thought we’d bring you the news that Hollywood is lining up internet behomoth Google to be their latest muse. This could get out of hand pretty quickly, where will it end?

Rumours are that the upcoming film Googled will be based upon the creation of the massive internet search engine and derived from the book ‘Googled: The End of the World As We Know It’. The rights to the book were bought in August by Groundswell, the production company behind Milk and The Informant, reports TechRadar.

Speaking to Forbes, a spokesperson for Groundswell has revealed that a writer is now being sought for Googled, with the studio hoping for a 2012 release date.

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