Brody In Attempt To Halt Release Of Giallo

October 19, 2010 by  
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Brody300Equine actor-extraordinaire – Adrien Brody – is stamping his hooves and whinnying over the impending release of Giallo.

The actor is so angry he’s filed a lawsuit asking for $3 million after producers allegedly failed to pay his wages and misled him over the true state of the film’s finances. Brody claims he was repeatedly lied to so as to stop him from quitting the film in the midst of production and supposedly remains unpaid for his work in the film.

Giallo, directed by legendary horror director Dario Argento, is due to be released on DVD tomorrow having been unable to generate enough interest to warrant a US release. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brody is trying to prevent the film from being released.

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