Mark Wahlberg For The Crow?

October 20, 2010 by  
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mark wahlberg210If you were to draft a shortlist of actors you could see taking over Brandon Lee’s mantel as The Crow, I can guarantee you that Mark Wahlberg would be somewhere near the bottom of the list. He’s not exactly the broody, angst-ridden tortured soul type although he has proven himself in both drama and comedy (see The Other Guys for one of his best comedic turns).

But apparently Wahlberg is in producer Edward R. Pressman’s sights and it would fit with his promise to deliver “a very different visual style” for the new movie. As a hardcore Crow fan myself (hell, I’ll do it), I can say that I’m extremely sceptical at any remake shenanigans but the script is being tidied up by none other than Nick Cave who put in some excellent work with The Proposition in 2005.

Other planned changes include increasing the role of the Crow’s avian sidekick (if they make it talk, I’m walking out of the theatre).

It’s still mulling around in rumour status at the moment, but assuming it is true, what do you think? And who would do a better job? Please come up with better suggestions than R-Patz…

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