Sam Raimi For Day Of The Triffids

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Raimi210There’s been an all-out bidding war that’s been raging for ages between Warner Bros. and Mandate Pictures over who will get the rights to adapt the John Wyndham classic Day Of The Triffids. The auction’s now ended in favour of mandate who paid a seven-figure sum for the project. They’ll be teaming up with Sam Raimi’s Ghost House pictures, with the word on the street now being that Raimi wants to direct Triffids personally.

The deal’s been shopped around by producers Don Murphy (whose producing credits include Natural Born Killers but also the likes of Transformers and Transformers 2) and Michael Preger (who also worked on an adaptation of Wyndham’s Midwich Cuckoos filmed as Village Of The Damned in 1995 and also the BBC mini-series of Triffids last year).

Day Of The Triffids
for those not in the know is the story of a lone sighted man in a world blinded by a freak meteor shower tasked with guiding fellow survivors to safety during an alien invasion by killer plants. Sounds a bit B-movie when you write it down but seek out the book, it’s well worth a read.

It’s been adapted several times – the radio versions being much better than their film counterparts largely which include the 1962 “original”, the 1981 BBC adaptation and last year’s attempt, none of which have really captured the full spirit of the book.

Will Raimi be able to nail it? With his action horror background (and off the back of the wonderful Drag Me To Hell), let’s hope so.

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