Unions Back Down Over Hobbit Filming

October 21, 2010 by  
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bilbo's-holeAnother day, another dispute centring around the production of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, set to be released in 2012… With any luck.

The latest development in the so far staggeringly-slow production is that acting unions “have lifted their recommendation that their members not work on the film” according to Deadline. However, it seems it may be too little, too late for Jackson, who has retaliated by saying the previous set-backs may force the film’s production to take place away from New Zealand anyway.

“The lifting of the blacklist on The Hobbit does nothing to help the films stay in New Zealand” stated Jackson and fellow executive producer Fran Walsh. “The spectacle of NZ Actors’ Equity suddenly cancelling their Wellington meeting, because film workers wanted to express their concern at losing The Hobbit, exemplifies the pure gutlessness of this small, self-centred group.” Oh dear. They sound ticked off.

Although other countries would no doubt be desperate to host the continuation of the film’s production – Ireland and Canada for example – the location seems unlikely to actually move considering all the work that has taken part in New Zealand so far.


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