Inception Sequel “Makes No Sense..”

October 25, 2010 by  
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nolan300An insider at Warner Bros. has explained that the studio’s desire to create a sequel to the box office smash Inception is purely financial and would make “no sense creatively..” This unsurprising but rather depressing news comes amid claims that film bosses are quite literally throwing money at Christopher Nolan in an attempt to persuade him to sign up for Inception 2.

This year’s thriller starring Leonardo Di Caprio brought in £514.7m at the worldwide box office and Warner Bros. are keen for another big payday reports What’s Playing.

“It doesn’t make a lick of sense creatively,” revealed an insider at Warner Bros. “But financially? Well, it made a lot of money for them. Can’t imagine Nolan wanting to do a sequel, let alone direct one. Also don’t imagine Warner’s president Jeff Robinov would want to p*ss off Nolan by doing one around him. All interest is on the studio side at this stage.”

Nolan has not been present in any discussions over a sequel at this stage and is thought to be concentrating on his next project, a still untitled third outing in the rebooted Batman series, but he has rejected the idea of an Inception follow-up in the past.


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