Tony Scott Talks Top Gun 2

October 26, 2010 by  
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tp123_d1There were confused faces aplenty in the OTB offices when we heard that Top Gun 2 was a real possibilty last week. Could this be the longest period of time between a film and its sequel? Would Tom Cruise be returning to the cockpit? Will cinema ever see a gayer section of film than that volleyball scene?

The answers to these questions are still up in the air, but Tony Scott revealed that the movie will not be a reinvention or a remake, but will examine the quantum developments in military tech since the original and deal with “the end of the era of fighter pilots”.

The director has a load of work on his plate at the moment so TG2 may be some way off yet (Potsdamer Platz, The Associate and The Chippendales are all rumoured to be vying for his attention) but he was happy to talk to Hitfix about the possible sequel.

The British director described how he was inspired after flying home from Vegas in the company of a hung over computer geek who turned out to be a military test pilot. “These kids sit in a trailer in Nevada,” he explained, “and if we ever went to war, these guys would actually be flying the drones: the unmanned aircraft. They operate them like they’re playing war games, and then they party all night! Their world fascinated me because it’s so different from what it was originally.”

Scott who was on the road promoting his new film Unstoppable – which stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine – refused to be drawn on whether Maverick will be making a return however.

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