Aronofsky Constructing Machine Man

October 27, 2010 by  
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darren210Fresh from Black Swan and no doubt busy putting a dark spin on the next Wolverine movie, Darren Aronofsky’s still looking forward to future projects and it looks like he’s going to working on cyber-thriller Machine Man.

It’ll be based on a novel written by Max Barry (which you can find online and published one page a day here) and will be adapted for the big screen by Black Swan script writer Mark Heyman.

The story follows a frustrated engineer who is fed up of being taken for granted and so decides to replace parts of himself including entire limbs with titanium upgrades – sort of like a voluntary Robocop. But things take a turn for the worse as those who have heard about his abilities seek to exploit him for their own ends.

Obsession, delusion and power are themes that Aronofsky routinely explores so it sounds absolutely perfect. Sounds like the next project after Wolverine 2 is done.

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