Thriller: The Movie?

October 27, 2010 by  
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MJ210Hmm…What could possible motivations for a movie based on the classic Michael Jackson video Thriller be? Artistic integrity is clearly not an option, so we’re going to go with the promise of cold hard cash instead.

It’s not documentary, it’s a fully-fledged movie based on the plot of the video. Being that Thriller plays out like a mini-movie anyway, there seems little point in taking it further. But apparently Kenny Ortega thinks better.

Ortega’s had some experience with the MJ canon, having directed This Is It last year but very little horror experience (Hocus Pocus being about the only example we could find). He has however done the choreography for such dance ’em ups as High School Musical and The Way She Move.

Summit, Lionsgate and Fox 2000 are all after the package which includes Thriller song writer Rod Temperton and a script by The Hangover co-writer Jeremy Garelick. But even if that gets settled, they’ll have to wait until the project is approved by Jackson’s estate.

Most of the key people involved in the original video have passed away now – Jackson himself, original Thriller choreographer Michael Peters and of course his royal creepiness Vincent Price. Original director John Landis is still about but he’s a bit past his prime given our initial look at his most recent offering Burke & Hare.

So…stroke of genius or appalling crime against cinema? Which do you think it is.

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