Chris Evans As Captain America Revealed

October 28, 2010 by  
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cap210Everyone can end their speculation on how old Cap is going to presented in the first Avengers movie as Entertainment Weekly has the first shot of hm on the front cover of their next issue.

The costume is almost identical to the concept art – the red, white and blue stripes with Cap’s distinctive white star proudly emblazoned on the chest accessorised with brown straps which gives the whole ensemble a grittier and more believable feel (Fashion Week journalists watch your backs, I’ve got this covered).

Interestingly Cap’s vibranium shield appears to have a few scratches in it. Could this mean that it’s not as indestructable as its comic book counterpart?

Evans himself is sporting a sandy brown side parting which will no doubt excentuate the traditional setting.. No shots of the winged cowl yet, so that’s still to come.

Overall it’s a much more realistic depiction of what a real Captain America might look like. After all, yellow spandex looks good on Wolverine in the comics but on screen, villains would primarily be defeated by bouts of spontaneous laughter rather than skewered by Logan’s razor-sharp claws. And Cap is no exception, you’d wet yourself if you saw someone dressed like that coming for you, and not out of fear.

More links to pictures when they come in but it looks like Joe Johnston’s got the right idea. Carry on citizen.

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