Paul Haggis For Cell 211?

October 28, 2010 by  
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paul-haggis210Paul Haggis just loves prisons apparently. Fresh from directing the soon-to-be-released The Next Three Days, news has reached us via Deadline that he’s going to be producing and possbily directed an English version of the Spanish thriller Celda 211.

The English version, imaginatively titled Cell 211, will see a new prison guard arriving for duty a day early in order to impress his bosses, only to be knocked unconcious by a prison riot.

Waking up in the titular Cell 211, he decides that the best way to get out alive is to pretend to be a prisoner and try to stop the rioting from the inside. It’s being touted as Die Hard in a prison but with extra levels of intrigue. Yippie-ki-yay indeed.

Haggis is just producing and writing the script, but who knows it could turn out to be something he might want to direct in which case he’d have to make room after Equalizer which he’s currently working on.

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