Hollywood Scores Victory Over Companies Advertising On Pirate Sites

November 2, 2010 by  
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Warner_Bros300Two Hollywood studios may have set an important precedent by winning their legal battle against a company advertising on pirate film sites.

Disney and Warner Brothers were awarded $400k (£250k) in damages from Triton Media which advertised on sites including supernovatube.com and watch-movies.net which either streamed films or advised users on infringing content.

Triton were ruled to be liable for contributory infringement and inducement to infringe reports MusicWeek.

The register described the ruling as a “landmark victory” for copyright holders and added that the decision could have seriosu implications for larger sites like Google which also benefits from such ad sales. We expect them to be able to afford a small army of decent lawyers though. Or buy the land upon which the courthouse sits…

*Please note, this article concerns Arizona based Triton Media, not the nice people at Triton Media Group from Sherman Oaks, CA.


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