Mel Gibson Hides Behind The Beaver In New Movie Poster

November 4, 2010 by  
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TheBeaver300Mel Gibson has been kicked from pillar to post for his (insert prefix of choice here)ist ways of late, but he could be making a something of a comeback with the help of a puppet.

The Beaver is the Aussie’s upcoming movie based upon the exploits of a man who walks around with a beaver puppet on his hand and treats it as a living person. Despite the rather laughable premise, the film apparently features an Oscar-worthy performance from Gibson. Sadly with the storm clouds still hanging over the actor’s personal life, there is no official release date for Jodie Foster’s film.

But despite this, the studio (who probably don’t really want to be identified) have released the first marketing material for the movie. It shows the troubled actor hiding behind a beaver puppet holding a note about needing prescriptions to manage his insanity. We prescribe less alcohol and racial stereotyping.


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  1. Sam says:

    This is sure to be a great Movie. I CAN’T wait! I found a release date: Feb 11th. Yay!

    (psst: for this to be a ‘comeback’ it means he needed to be ‘gone’. Mel has been putting out movies from both behind and in front of the camera=not gone.)