Rubik’s Cube The Movie?

November 10, 2010 by  
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cube300We’ve seen our fair share of video game movie adaptions over the last couple of decades, from the disastrous Super Mario Bros to the Angelina Jolie-fronted (and very well fronted we might add) Tomb Raider series, audiences have clamoured for their favourite computer characters on the big screen.

Now, those who grew up in the 1980s are in for an equally colourful treat. Rubik’s Cube, the puzzle which got people scratching their heads all over the western world, could be given a cinema outing of its own.

According to What’s Playing’s Hollywood Insider, the multi-coloured plaything has apparently been signed up by power agency CAA, which is now wandering around Hollywood hawking the premise to unsuspecting studios. If someone does actually agree to this, we’re told that the agency could set about attaching one of its big name stars to the eventual movie, although who would want to be involved in the project is beyond us. Having said that Mel Gibson would take anything right now..

The popular toy has already had a minor cinema career, making prominent appearances in smash hits such as Dude, Where’s my car?, Wall-E and recent remake Let Me In, where it is used as a blatant 80s signpost.


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