Jon Favreau Takes On Disney’s Magic Kingdom?

November 11, 2010 by  
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fav300Jon Favreau, the comedian and genius behind Iron Man, is set to direct a Disney flick based upon one of its theme parks, which could bring Pluto, Mickey Mouse and Cinderella together in one film. It is rumouredthat there is already a script in place for The Magic Kingdom (one of Disney World resort’s most popular attractions) written by Ronald D Moore of Battlestar Gallactica fame, but the film itself could still be some way off.

Following the extraordinary success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Disney seem keen to scrape the barrel yet again but Favreau’s appearance on the helm is promising. The Swingers star has a knack for converting franchises from one medium to another: Iron Man and the much-anticipated Cowboys & Aliens (starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford) are adapted from a comic and a graphic novel series respectively.

There is some feeling that this might be a step too far even for Favreau. Both Iron Man and Cowboys & Aliens – and, for that matter, Pirates of the Caribbean – had material from which a coherent plot could be spun. However, with all the prosaic features of The Magic Kingdom, from Dumbo to Cinderella and, erm, pirates (sound familiar?) the only conceivable project seems some sort of banal medley of Disney’s Greatest Hits. Or some sort of murder mystery set in the theme park….Now there’s an idea.

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