Huq: Shock Rowling Revelation

November 18, 2010 by  
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Huq3001Konnie Huq – cultural commentator and flame carrier – has dished the dirt on J K Rowling, claiming the author of Harry Potter once referred to one of her own books as “rubbish”.

The confession came after an interview conducted between Huq and Rowling shortly after Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone publication.

Quoted in the Daily Express, Hug said: “My first ever interview for Blue Peter was a film with JK Rowling.

“She’d just written her first book and I went to Edinburgh to the café where she wrote. I interviewed her and she signed me a book and it said, ‘Dear Konnie, I knew her before she was famous’. I thought, ‘How ironic’.”

However, it was when Rowling offered to sign Huq a copy of The Chamber of Secrets that the astonishing claims came out.

Huq said: “She signed me the second book too and this time she wrote, ‘Dear Konnie, this is my second book. It’s quite rubbish so you can give it to the Blue Peter bring-and-buy sale if you want’. Now I look at it and think, ‘Oh my gosh’.

“She had just written the seventh book when I last interviewed her so I guess we did the journey together. She’s really down to earth.”

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