Carter Snuck Out From Potter Set To Star In Other Film

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helena300Unofficial queen of the Goths Helena Bonham-Carter has spoken of how she snuck out of the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows set in order to facilitate her filming The King’s Speech at the same time.

Talking to Coming Soon, Tim Burton’s wife said she had to act incognito in order to fulfil both commitments. She plays the Queen Mother in the Colin Firth vehicle.

“It was completely illegal and really quite risky. In fact, fantastically risky. Harry Potter never released me. They said, ‘Even if you work on weekends, we get first choice,’ so potentially, I could have brought down The King’s Speech.”

The actress revealed that she nearly didn’t take on the role in The King’s Speech as she felt her part would be eclipsed by Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth.

“Tom sent it to me, pretty certain, and I said, ‘Wow, great parts for the boys.'” said Carter. “I did think my part was written with great wit and dryness, but I did have other obligations and duties, because I was doing Harry Potter at the same time, so I did say no.”

“It’s kind of like the Queen Mum turned Bertie’s marriage proposal down twice and the third time she accepted, and that was kind of like me and Tom really. I kept saying ‘No’. In fact, I don’t think I said ‘Yes’ but I ended up on the set, dressed as the Queen Mum.”

The King’s Speech opens in the UK on January 7th. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One is everywhere…


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