Police Mistake Movie Set For Murder Scene – For 8 Hours

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police300After a couple of years on traffic patrol, any police officer would probably be glad of a little ‘action’, however one group of Pittsburgh feds were caught out when they mistook a ‘blood-splattered’ horror movie set for a crime scene.

“It’s the most grisly murder scene I’ve seen in 35 years of law enforcement” said one officer, before he was advised that the hotel room in question was actually part of a film set.

The scene was originally discovered by firefighters responding to another emergency call at the George Washington Hotel reports Metro. Witnesses describe being met with a alcohol scattered room and a “piece of scalp with hair still attached”.

Eight hours into the their investigation (EIGHT HOURS!) the police realised that the blood wasn’t real and that the room had been created for horror flick New Terminal Hotel, starring the late Corey Haim, a film which was released straight to DVD in March.

The hotel confirmed that the room had been left in its horrific state in case the cast wanted to do reshoots. Obviously they didn’t bother telling the police that…


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