Chilean Miners Film Underway

December 6, 2010 by  
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minerThe story that captivated the world just two months ago is already sowing the seeds for cinematic spectacle. Two of the 33 Chilean miners trapped for two months over a kilometer undergound say that plans for a movie chronicling their ordeal are very much alive.

During a visit to Costa Rica on Sunday, miner Juan Illanes said that discussions for the movie are ‘very advanced and we hope there are results soon. He also commented that ‘It’s a business deal and when that’s the case you want to try to find a way for everyone to profit fairly,’ Illanes said.

This may refer to an agreement made by miners that any royalties and profits made from potential films about their ordeal will be distributed evenly among all the miners, to avoid any self-seeking heroes from cashing in unfairly. But how can this agreement be ensured 100 per cent, and what temptations might crop up now that these brave men are free to live as they please? Only time will tell.

Illanes said his life has been ‘scandalously different’ since he was rescued in October after spending 69 days trapped 700 metres underground. Whether or not he means different to life before the ordeal, or during it, we can only speculate.

Asked about the copious amounts of gifts the miners have receive since emerging from the mine, Bustos said soberly, ‘Why do they give them to us?’

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