District 9 Duo to Reteam on Elysium

December 7, 2010 by  
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elysium1Exciting news for fans of District 9, as director Neill Blomkamp sets out to reteam with the film’s star Shartlo Coplety on his second sci-fi feature Elysium. Copley dazzled audiences with his heady performance as Wikus van de Merwe in District 9, and played HM Murdock in the recent re-hash of The A-Team. Meanwhile Blomkamp has become coveted talent after directing his first feature. Both names are relatively new to the film world, but with the attention received for District 9, including a Best Picture Oscar nomination, the industry is anticipating great things.

Elysium is not the awaited sequel to District 9 but a separate, equally ambitious story set in the far future on another planet. The premise itself is not yet known, but rumours suggest it will be another action charged spectacle, wrapped around a core of socio-political allegory. District 9 did astoundingly well after its global release last year, owing to it’s edgy and original content. So while a bidding war opens up to distributors for Blomkamp’s next treat, this is one project to keep an eye on.

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