Pete Doherty to Appear with Charlotte Gainsburg in New Film

December 8, 2010 by  
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petePete Doherty – singer, poet, and the nation’s choice heroine lover – has secured a role in a new small-budget French movie starring Charlotte Gainsbourg. The Babyshambles singer will play the lead male role in a low budget film about the 19th-century writer Alfred De Mussett. Adored French dramatist and poet Mussett seems to be a perfect fit for Doherty; if anything, he’ll just need to tone down his decadence-chic, talk a bit more clearly (in French) and Voila. . . so to speak.

Doherty told the Sun ‘We start shooting in Paris on December 27. The storyline centres around a love triangle so it’s pretty intense and romantic’. It’s surprising that Doherty should find any subject matter intense. But perhaps alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg, whose recent role in Antichrist explored new levels of sado-masochism, Doherty has more in store than he imagined.

‘I don’t know if I’m a good actor but they say I am’. Meanwhile, Doherty, who last week appeared in court on drugs charges, and has launched a new website. is still in development, but it already appears to serve as a daily poetry blog for Pete’s latest imaginings. If the imagery is any indication of his mindset, he might need a bit of sprucing up before the big shoot.

Choice extract: ‘ “f**king idiot. aaah, putain” she speaks shreikily almost shreiking’.

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