Jon Favreau Leaves Iron Man

December 15, 2010 by  
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JF210In not wholly surprisingly news, Jon Favreau has announced that he won’t be signing up to direct the third Iron Man film.

He’s been non-committal for quite some time now, apparently wanting to focus on other projects instead. The story, broken by Vulture, doesn’t give any concrete reasons why Favreau’s leaving but they speculate that he’s becoming frustrated with Marvel’s decision to give smaller characters their own stand alone movies (the lure of the almighty dollar is too much for Marvel to resist it seems).

But it seems he’s not severing his ties with Marvel’s owners Disney just yet as he’s signed up to direct Magic Kingdom.

Iron Man 3‘s not due till 2013, so Marvel have plenty of time to find a replacement. Robert Downey Jr. has director approval, so he’s got the final call on who it’ll be. Who would you have in the director’s chair?

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