Ridley Scott Working On Westerns

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Ridley210Interest in Westerns tends to come in waves. And with the Cohen Brothers’ True Grit hitting our screens early next year comes news that there are a few more in the works courtesy of Ridley Scott.

The screen-writing team of Larry McMutry and Diana Ossana, who penned the adaptation of Brokeback Mountain are working on two new Western adaptations.

First up is The Colour Of Lightning which follows a freed slave called Britt Johnson who moves to Texas with his wife and three kids in order to start a freight business. But while he’s away Commanche and Kiowa natives raid his home, kill his oldest son and kidnap the rest of his family. Johnson vows revenge…

Ridley Scott will producing the film through his Scott Free production company but whether he’ll have time to direct it as well remains to be seen – he’s still got those pesky Alien prequels to work on too.

Next up is Empire Of The Summer Moon which tells the true story of a Commanche warrior called Quanah, who led the tribe to halt the expansion by settlers for 40 years and was responsible for the formation of the Texas Rangers to fight them. This is being pitched to Scott Cooper, the director of Crazy Heart and will also be produced by Scott Free.

We’ll have more details on both these projects as they come in. In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for True Grit which will be out at the beginning of next year.

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